Short Biography

Rosho’s mother named her son Robert, he never knew why, and she forgot. A Zen Master passing by named him Rosho, and then vanished. Who cares about names? The one and only real question is about identity! Rosho found that out only after 8 years of intense practice and research, in 1993. So he started teaching but was not satisfied, he felt like another of these people claiming to have found something new and eager to share. Rosho went into 6 years of introspective in a (virtual) cave, and then he felt the right time had come to go out in the world again. No way to escape a horizontal development after a vertical development!

He became successful in business, little by little, and learned how to live a spiritual life while being active in a material world, surrounded by all sorts of people, in all the various stages of development, making them work together around common goals.

On the 25th birthday of his second life, he decided to share again and here we are! His promise is to make a simple and fast path to Liberation.

If you want to find out about Robert (Rosho) Hopp in business, visit LinkedIn, for example, or google! Rosho is also active as a Transformation Programme Manager, Business Consultant and Enterprise Architect, with his Augmented Leadership programme, through his company Rosho.World UG .

Rosho is a World Worker, meaning he feels involved in what happens in the World and looks to improve it.