Introduction to a possible World 7.0

World 7.0

The World is a Project, and we need to run it like one.


Humanity is evolving to a stage where we can start deciding on our fate and the possible futures of our kids. Our proposal is to research how, put together a toolbox and build the project plan. We also propose a starting point and a methodology which we call Augmented Feminine Leadership (AFL).

The current active generations, Silent Generation, Baby-Boomers, Millennials, born after 1933 and until 2000 are doing their jobs with the result we can see, many good things but a general tendency to self-destruction. The entropy balance of our world is negative and disastrous, we live at the expense of future generations.

We want this to change but how? The governing generations can change their mind and suddenly do the right things? We prefer to invest in the young and very young, GenZ, Alpha and following to get them ready when they will make their own decisions. Many people think it is impossible to change our failing system, but in reality, it is very easy: use the power of the fulcrum. Give the right tools in the hands of competence-driven groups of people, used to work in virtual teams, they will succeed.

Our focus is leadership and governance, because it is the root of decision-making, deciding on the right priorities is the last thing needed, when the constraints of money and technology are solved, as in our global civilisation. As a striking example, 1981 billion USD (mostly in debts) have been spent in 2020’s military budget. It would just take a little goodwill to have all the necessary money to make the world a better place, instead of war. Who is deciding the World’s fate? A vast majority of old impotent (white) men (source:

As a consequence, it seems necessary to reverse these statistics, and how can we do that? Teach girls leadership and boys empathy! Only on the day when women are represented proportionally, and men become empathic, we will achieve sustainability for our World (source:

We need to prepare the next generations for what is coming, this is our humble tentative, might it be of use for them or not. Collecting and documenting the experience and knowledge of change methodology of our lifetimes of failures and successes for the use of the representants of the next decision-makers is the best we can do for now.

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